Review of 2018 Goals

COmmit to behealthy & fit

Two more weeks to go and half of 2018 is over. It is just amazing how time flies so quickly.

Last night while in the washroom brushing my teeth, I glanced to the piece of paper I posted on the mirror earlier this year. It was my goal for 2018 which aimed specifically on fitness. Honestly, New Year’s resolutions and goals are not really my kind of thing however I still did set my goal early this year. 

The goal for 2018 is to be FIT. 

So how did this go for the last five months? 

100% whole food plant based diet.  Well, I am not yet into this. I still eat occasional seafood and meat. There are days that I am not really cheating and I eat 100% plant based without any cooking oil and processed ingredients. 

Though somehow I found my way here in this area already, I am still kind of vulnerable a week before my monthly period. I have all these insatiable food cravings that sometimes I cave in. 

This is my weak point though partly I am happy to where I am now compared previously when my regular meals were comprised of burgers, pizzas, ice cream, fried chicken with loads of white rice and chocolates. 

So this goal is still in ‘a work in progress’

30 minutes daily exercise. Not to brag but I guess I exceeded this goal since April 2018. Thanks to our Nepal trip where I found my fitspiration

Nowadays I start my morning walk / jog exercise between 4:30AM – 5AM. On weekdays I exercise on average of one hour and on weekends it’s longer, around two hours and a half. 

I stopped going to the gym. Anyway it was not that productive because I just utilized the treadmill. I realized that walking or jogging in open area like park makes me happier. In the gym I dreaded everyday staring on the same screen on the wall waiting for me to complete the thirty minutes walk. It was not that motivating really. 

Learn and master new sports. Living a sedentary lifestyle since childhood, my intention to improve my fitness level requires conscious effort. It doesn’t come naturally like others. 

That’s the reason that I would like to learn and master at least one sport this year. I have been doing a morning walking exercise for over a year now and I began to embrace and love it. 

I found it to be mentally relaxing. However I still cannot escape the fact that aiming to cover certain distance by walking can be really time-consuming. As you know, I have a full-time job, 8am to 6pm, and that doesn’t leave ample time to exercise. 

I really want to cover longer distance in my daily exercise. At the moment, my average daily distance is around six kilometers but because I walk slow it takes me between one hour and a half to two hours to cover this distance. Well, that includes few minutes of selfies, meditation and toilet stopovers. 

That’s why lately I have been pushing myself hard to jog which hopefully leads to running in the future. If I can jog continuously, one hour will be enough for me then and that will even allow me to cover more mileage. 

But still, my current reality is still far from where I want to be. Right now I am struggling to jog continuously for one minute. So just imagine how long it will take me to practice to finally be able to jog continuously for one hour, or just even five kilometers. 

I know, it sounds depressing. Right? But I am not losing hope. If it takes me a year or two to be able to jog continuously for one hour, then let it be. 

Anyway, I am not gearing up for some race though I am considering to sign up for some 5K fun run. 

Let’s face it. Doing the same thing over and over again can be boring, right? This is specially true for peeps like me who are not into sports at all.

So beginning this year I also embark on a new journey of discovering and learning about yoga. My first ever orientation with yoga happened last February then again in March. Sadly I stopped practicing so I enrolled again for last May.

So these are the two kind of sports that keep me busy everyday. I am not even sure if these two are considered sports but in any case it keeps me active; it keeps me moving.

Still I am not in the level I wish I am but I think what matters most is I am moving; I continue exercising regularly. 

Have I shared to you about the cholesterol level? Oh, not yet! 

Last September 2017 I had my blood tests done. Quite disappointed with the results, I was advised to take maintenance medicines. My cholesterol was around 244. 

Stubborn, I bluntly refused the prescriptions and opted to be more serious in my lifestyle change. 

Last  month I went to the hospital again for blood test. My cholesterol level dropped from 244 to 184 which I contributed primarily to my lifestyle change. Even my sugar level, which used to be in the borderline, was in normal range. 

Indeed this gives me more profound reason to keep up with my goals. 

What about you? How are you progressing with your goals this year?


Holiday Season = Weight Gain

No such thing astoo much cheese (1)

It has always been a fact.

Holiday season means extra pounds, right? 😉

With all the ‘get-togethers’ and Christmas parties scheduled around this season, it becomes a challenge for me to keep up with healthy eating. Towards the end of December, I became slack with my exercise skipping for couple of days.

I knew that I was gaining back my old weight. I felt bloated and heavy all the time.  I promised to be back on track after New Year’s day.

When I weighed in last 2nd January, my suspicion was confirmed. I gained 2 kilos. It was expected but the numbers in the weighing scale got me worried and scared.

I weighed 70.4kg on 2nd of January. 😞

For the last 2-3 months, my weight was between 77 to 78 kilos only. As long as I was below 70kg, I was fine with it. But when I hit 70.4kg, I got worried, really worried. If this habit continues, I will be back to my old self soon. I don’t want to be 83 kilos again. Not at all.

With some family time in first few days in January, I didn’t manage to really keep up the ‘healthy living speed’ that I wish to be in. Though I slowly stopped eating oily, dairy-rich and meaty meals.

Since 4th January, I am more back to my track and to my surprise, when I weighed today morning, I am 3kgs lighter. I weighed 66.7 kilos. Whew! 😌

I was so glad with the result. Really glad. 😌

The secret.

I started eating fruits only for dinner. I have really proven this many times. Light stomach in the evening means shedding off more weight. Well, at least for me this method works.

I also created a simple, less complicated, goal for 2018. I hope that I will be able to keep 100% whole food plant based diet for the rest of the year.

COmmit to behealthy & fit

And oh, did I share to you that I posted this goal everywhere in my home? Just to make sure that I have enough reminders. 😉

What about you, what’s your goal this year?  

Happy New Year & Cheers! 🥂

Revamping my diet : No-fried Foods


This was originally posted in my Facebook @sportsbraislife  last 4th September 2017.

Whenever ‘sinabawang isda’ (sabaw means soup and isda means fish) was served in our dining table at home, we ended up, for sure, cooking in a rush an omelet. If not, we might crave for heavy snacks after 30 minutes.

Have you tried eating something that you don’t feel satisfied?  That’s what we felt whenever we had this fish soup or any other type of dish which was not cooked through cooking oil.

I could not imagine before what the dish would be without cooking oil. 

A fulfilling meal for us used to be something fried. A fried fish. Fried meat. Fried chicken. Fried hotdog. Fried egg. 

But this changed after I decided to embrace healthy living. I had to let go of fried foods.

It was not easy.

I started with boiled food. Boiled corn on the cobs. Boiled sweet potato.

Then I tried steaming which later became the main cooking method I used for my lunch meals. Steamed veggies like broccoli, asparagus and young corn. Steamed fish.

One of my family’s childhood fave dish is potato omelet. Potatoes are sliced into cubes and cooked in cooking oil, then it is mixed with beaten eggs and fried it again. Yum!

I cannot let go of this dish, our all-time favorite breakfast dish.

So I started experimenting. I cooked the potatoes in the same manner as we used to cook except that I replaced the cooking oil with water. Instead of frying the mixture of potatoes and eggs, I baked it.

Of course, the taste is not exactly as yummy as the fried one but still, I am happy with it.

That’s what I have been doing now in all my meals. I replace the cooking oil with water.

For instance, when my soup requires some frying of garlic and onions, I do it in the same way as the normal process except that I use water.

You can start the change slowly. Maybe you can incorporate few days in a week of ‘‘no-fried foods’ until your taste buds get used to it.

After minimizing my ‘fried food’ consumption, I noticed that I began to crave less and less of fast food meals. Burger and fries used to be my comfort food. Whenever this was served, I couldn’t resist to gobble it.

My addiction to coffee was lessen also. Believe it or not, I used to have headaches whenever I skipped coffee drink in a day. But nowadays, I can hardly finish one cup of coffee in the morning.

Yes, I still have coffee but only in the morning and usually half of the cup only.

Whenever you have your weak moments and you feel like indulging on fried foods, just think about its impact to your health.

Clog arteries that can lead to strokes
Increase the risk of heart diseases
Key dietary contributor for cancer, diabetes and hypertension

If it is not really possible at all, then at least minimize your fried food intake. Cut the portion into half.

The most important thing is that you start now; that you take the initiative now before it is too late.

I realized that healthy living is a journey. It is a choice that we make every day. Don’t be depressed if you make a wrong food choice today. Just make sure you don’t do it again tomorrow and the following days.

Cheers to healthy living! 🥂🙂

Revamping my diet : Eliminating white rice



This was originally posted in my Facebook @sportsbraislife  last 28th August 2017.


food… food… food…

On Thursdays (our weekend here is Friday and Saturday), I used to indulge in ice creams, Pizza Hut or Burger King. It was my way of culminating a stressful work week.

My definition of food indulgence was finishing half portion of the 1.5liter of Selecta Quezo Real ice cream or the combo meal of mushroom Swiss burger with French fries dipped in mayo and ketchup, and mozzarella sticks as dessert. Ooh my, I can still imagine the creamy saucy mushroom Swiss burger.

So when I finally decided to live a healthy life, I started by eating more fruits and vegetables. Honestly I didn’t embrace any type of diets except to choose healthy meals and snacks.

First and foremost – I eliminated rice from my day to day living .

You know us, Filipinos. We cannot live without rice and oh, not any other kind of rice, only white rice. Just imagine that white steamy rice with fried fish. Ah, that’s so yummy and filling!

Though in my younger years (since college), I was not generally fond of white rice. My colleagues used to tease me that my main course was the dessert because whenever we had lunch in the cafeteria, my first stop was the dessert section. After eating some slice of cakes or pies, then I would head to the main course section.

If available, my preference had always been sweet desserts and pasta on my plates. A perfect meal for me!

But when I got pregnant, I returned to eating rice to keep my hunger pangs at bay. Unfortunately, it continued for years until I started to revamp my diet last March 2017.

My definition of ‘revamping my diet’ is choosing more plant based food and minimizing oily and processed food.

The first thing that went out from my usual meal was the white rice. I was aware that I ate way too much of this every dinner.

So I challenged myself. If I managed it in my younger years without rice, so I should still be able to do this, this time.

Honestly, I think the big factor that I lose 10 kilos in the first 3 months is because I eliminated white rice from my meals. My average weight before was 83 kilos. After 3 months of revamping my food intake and keeping regular ‘casual’ exercise walk (slow pace walk for 30 minutes), my weight was down between 72 to 73kg, depends on what time of the day I weighed.

Now I still do eat white rice but only occasional like once a month (sometimes not even a morsel of rice in a month) and it will be just like 2-3 tablespoon only.

Why I continue eliminating rice from my meals?

 I feel less bloated.

 My tummy significantly reduced. It is flatter now. Don’t be misled though – I don’t have a flat ‘washboard abs’ tummy at all but compared before, my tummy is less bulging now.

 I dropped my jeans size from size 16 to 14.

 I feel lighter.

Our nanny, who claimed to be my food controller , witnessed by transformation from being obese to overweight (LOL!). One day she told me, naively, that she never thought at all, never in her wildest dream, that it is possible to live without eating rice.

Please don’t follow this if you cannot cope up without rice in your meals. Perhaps I am just lucky that I am fine living without this. I think the key here is eating rice in moderation.

I am not a believer of deprivation. If skipping rice or any of your favorites makes you miserable, please by all means, eat it. Don’t deprive yourself. Savor delish food and indulge in your fave dessert but always in moderation.

Disclaimer: I am not a licensed nutritionist, health expert or health care professional. What I share here is based only on my own experience of losing weight.