Loving yoga

Word Art (1)I had a yoga course last week for five days. Though not feeling well, I still participated because I like my yoga instructor. She is very technical and she really teaches well.

As much as I wanted to be her regular student, she doesn’t have fix schedule for her yoga classes. She is a full-time mom so her class schedules evolve around her children’s activities and school calendar. 

That’s why I grab the opportunity whenever she offers yoga course. 

So last week I was coughing hard. It was so irritating and disturbing at work, in my yoga class and even at night when I slept. On top of this, I was slightly suffering with colds too. 

In short, I was not really at my 100% best physical condition. One weekend I stayed in bed trying to rest and recover my body but it seemed resting made me sicker. So the next day I laced my shoes and head to the park, and walked slowly, just walking trying to sweat out. I stopped couple of times to rest but somehow I managed to walk for an hour. 

The next day I felt better. 

I attended two yoga class earlier this year too but sadly I didn’t do my home instructions. So when I came to know about this yoga class last week, I enrolled without hesitations because I badly needed a refresher’s course. 

And I was glad I did it. 

So now I am back to the groove, practicing yoga for at least half an hour every day. 

This third week of June they are organizing International Yoga Day. It will be a five days yoga session for two hours daily. Though a newbie in this field, I dare to join the event. Yayyy! 

I am dreaming that one day I will become a ‘badass’ yoga instructor too (LOL!) but just the thought of this makes me wonder – can I do it? For sure, it requires tons of patience and practice. This is the kind of skill that doesn’t happen overnight. 

It takes consistent practice not for few days but years, pushing yourself to the limit and loving the muscle pains that it brings. 

Let’s see! For now, let me just enjoy this beginner’s phase. 



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