The fourth meal

HELLO THEREIt was around four in the afternoon. Our energy level was ebbing away. Checking emails is the most back-aching work like chopping a truckload of firewood with a maul under a scorching summer heat; it is so exhausting that your clothes are drenched with sweat.

I can point only one reason for this. Thursday, as the last working day of the week (weekend here is Friday and Saturday), is just few hours away from weekend. I guess, psychologically our mind switches to weekend mode by default on Thursday afternoons.

To survive the last two hours, we work until six in the afternoon, before weekend starts, we flock to the pantry to get some energy boost, the power of caffeine. That Thursday, few of my colleagues and I chatted for few minutes while waiting for our turn for the coffee machine.

Casually and out of curiosity, I asked my Nepali colleague about his plans for the weekend.

He replied with a face untainted with any emotions like a poker face. His round eyes expressed dullness, not even a single thread of excitement. It seemed he dreaded weekends the same way he dreaded working days.

‘Nothing special.’ He said in a calm voice. ‘I will just go for my usual daily routine.’

‘So you exercise also on weekend?’ He shared before that every day he goes for a walk for at one hour and a half.

‘Yes. Daily exercise is a must, right?’ He asked like waiting for my confirmation. ‘You know, exercise is like a meal. We don’t skip meals and so does exercise.’

Those last words struck me like thunderbolt, an electrifying statement. Wow! What a best way to create the need, the enforced necessity, to exercise.

Think about it. Generally we eat three main meals a day. That’s breakfast, lunch and dinner. Maybe we skip breakfast or lunch but we always have at least one meal in a day, right? I think this is a great way to convinced our mind, our stubborn mind, to exercise.

We never skip meals. We eat regardless if we are tired, overjoyed or depressed. We eat. We have to value exercise the way we value our daily meals.

If we have the usual three meals a day, we can add one more however instead of chewing, we let our feet stride in the treadmill or in the park or move our body through aerobic or Zumba. Like our meals, ideally we have to exercise regardless of the weather condition, of our emotional state or our whereabouts.

Meals fuel our body and so does exercise. Like a car engine, we need both to help our body function efficiently.

So, have you decided where to take your fourth meal?  I do. I will be hitting the park for a walk, a great way to destress too for the day’s work.

Cheers to healthy living!


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