Off the wagon.. (1)Ohh, what a shame!

The last post I wrote here is a month back. Apparently I am not so good at keeping up with this blog.

But hey, you can head to FB page for regular updates. 

Well, it has not been very good couple of weeks for me. I fell of the wagon; didn’t stick to 100% vegan oil-free and processed-free-food lifestyle. Whew!

I was not so motivated too to keep up my daily walking exercise. I had so many excuses that I cave in. 

And this makes me down. 

I don’t know what triggered this emotion, this lack of motivation and simply a mere fact of laziness. 

So now, I am slowly bouncing back, trying to be back to the groove, and I know that I am not at my most best physical condition at the moment. I miss that oomph that sets in after I do my meditation and morning exercise. 

It is funny how I notice now my body’s performance. I can sense when I am not at my level best and generally this happens when I don’t stick to clean eating. 

Unlike before (when I was not into healthy living yet), I was clueless. All I would think was to gulp enough coffee to get me through the day. 

I think this is life. This is what we call journey that is oftentimes confronted with its own ups and downs. Everyday is like combating my own demons, which hopefully in the long run, I can get to work with (these demons) harmoniously.

For now, I have to pin down this demon that drags me off the wagon of healthy living. 





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