New Month, New Opportunity

welcomelittle one!

New Year’s resolution is not my thing. I tried setting up goals from simple ones to epic-life-changing-revolutionary-ideas but nothing worked out. 

But last October, I did one thing at the beginning of the month.

I decided to do one thing every day. Just one thing. Nothing extraordinary. No epic-life-changing-revolutionary task. Just to do one thing every day. Consistently for 30 days. 

That one thing was to write every morning. No word count. Not constraint to any time duration.

All I needed to do was write. 500 words. 200 words. One hour. 20 minutes. It didn’t matter as long as I would write everyday. 

And guess what? I finished my short ebookPractical Weight Loss Tips for Working Moms‘. Grab it here. It’s free. **smile**

I found that 30 days writing challenge was very productive yet not too harsh to myself. It was not too demanding and aggressive. 

Ah, don’t ask me for November challenge because it slipped in my mind. I didn’t pay attention that November was coming. In short, I didn’t do any 30-days challenge. 

Anyway, just one more day to go and we are in December. 

So I am thinking again of challenging myself this month. I have few ideas in mind but still am not yet decided. 

What about you? It’s a new month. Want to try something new for a change? Or perhaps a new habit to adopt? 

Try it! It can be fun. 

Cheers to good health! 


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