Stress equals carbs overload

Stress (1)

Carbs overload, and it’s all processed carbs. 

This has been my escape goat for the last three weeks. Bread over breads. White rice. High caloric lunch meals. 

This is a detour, major detour, from my usual oil-free whole food plant based lifestyle.

And now, I feel guilty every time I devoured in processed carbs and oily meals. Not only that, I feel bloated too like my tummy didn’t have time to digest my food before my next meal. 

I winded down too in my exercise routine. 

Instead of aiming of eight (8) kilometers everyday, I ended up achieving four (4) kilometers only. 

I am scared. I felt like I am falling back to my old self. I really don’t want to weigh 83 kilos again. 

I knew if I continue eating like this, I will be back to where I was in no time. 

The culprit of this is my new workload. I am stepping out in my comfort zone, embracing more work and responsibilities. The sad thing, it is not financially compensated. 

You know those colleagues of you who kept whining; who have grievances for being overworked and underpaid. I am afraid that I am heading to that truckload of unhappy employees. **sad face**

So I am not very optimistic with my November results. I don’t want even to weigh and look at the numbers. For sure, it doesn’t reflect any promising results. 

Indeed exercise and food have direct impact to our weight. When I become lax, additional weight starts to creep in. 

But despite of this, there’s still a good thing that happened this month. 

I have been drinking green smoothies for breakfast for the last three weeks. After having oatmeal breakfast for more than five months, its flavor began to fade. It tasted bland. Perhaps I was not creative enough to spice it up. 

But I am happy now with my newfound breakfast meal. I am able to consume more fruits and veggies specially those that I really don’t like.  

And the good thing about this, I stopped drinking coffee. Yehey! Well, I still do but occasional coffee like once a week. 

What about you? How’s your fitness and wellness journey so far? Are you gaining or losing some weight?

Luv to hear from you! 











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