Revamping my diet : No-fried Foods


This was originally posted in my Facebook @sportsbraislife  last 4th September 2017.

Whenever ‘sinabawang isda’ (sabaw means soup and isda means fish) was served in our dining table at home, we ended up, for sure, cooking in a rush an omelet. If not, we might crave for heavy snacks after 30 minutes.

Have you tried eating something that you don’t feel satisfied?  That’s what we felt whenever we had this fish soup or any other type of dish which was not cooked through cooking oil.

I could not imagine before what the dish would be without cooking oil. 

A fulfilling meal for us used to be something fried. A fried fish. Fried meat. Fried chicken. Fried hotdog. Fried egg. 

But this changed after I decided to embrace healthy living. I had to let go of fried foods.

It was not easy.

I started with boiled food. Boiled corn on the cobs. Boiled sweet potato.

Then I tried steaming which later became the main cooking method I used for my lunch meals. Steamed veggies like broccoli, asparagus and young corn. Steamed fish.

One of my family’s childhood fave dish is potato omelet. Potatoes are sliced into cubes and cooked in cooking oil, then it is mixed with beaten eggs and fried it again. Yum!

I cannot let go of this dish, our all-time favorite breakfast dish.

So I started experimenting. I cooked the potatoes in the same manner as we used to cook except that I replaced the cooking oil with water. Instead of frying the mixture of potatoes and eggs, I baked it.

Of course, the taste is not exactly as yummy as the fried one but still, I am happy with it.

That’s what I have been doing now in all my meals. I replace the cooking oil with water.

For instance, when my soup requires some frying of garlic and onions, I do it in the same way as the normal process except that I use water.

You can start the change slowly. Maybe you can incorporate few days in a week of ‘‘no-fried foods’ until your taste buds get used to it.

After minimizing my ‘fried food’ consumption, I noticed that I began to crave less and less of fast food meals. Burger and fries used to be my comfort food. Whenever this was served, I couldn’t resist to gobble it.

My addiction to coffee was lessen also. Believe it or not, I used to have headaches whenever I skipped coffee drink in a day. But nowadays, I can hardly finish one cup of coffee in the morning.

Yes, I still have coffee but only in the morning and usually half of the cup only.

Whenever you have your weak moments and you feel like indulging on fried foods, just think about its impact to your health.

Clog arteries that can lead to strokes
Increase the risk of heart diseases
Key dietary contributor for cancer, diabetes and hypertension

If it is not really possible at all, then at least minimize your fried food intake. Cut the portion into half.

The most important thing is that you start now; that you take the initiative now before it is too late.

I realized that healthy living is a journey. It is a choice that we make every day. Don’t be depressed if you make a wrong food choice today. Just make sure you don’t do it again tomorrow and the following days.

Cheers to healthy living! 🥂🙂

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