Revamping my diet : Eliminating white rice



This was originally posted in my Facebook @sportsbraislife  last 28th August 2017.


food… food… food…

On Thursdays (our weekend here is Friday and Saturday), I used to indulge in ice creams, Pizza Hut or Burger King. It was my way of culminating a stressful work week.

My definition of food indulgence was finishing half portion of the 1.5liter of Selecta Quezo Real ice cream or the combo meal of mushroom Swiss burger with French fries dipped in mayo and ketchup, and mozzarella sticks as dessert. Ooh my, I can still imagine the creamy saucy mushroom Swiss burger.

So when I finally decided to live a healthy life, I started by eating more fruits and vegetables. Honestly I didn’t embrace any type of diets except to choose healthy meals and snacks.

First and foremost – I eliminated rice from my day to day living .

You know us, Filipinos. We cannot live without rice and oh, not any other kind of rice, only white rice. Just imagine that white steamy rice with fried fish. Ah, that’s so yummy and filling!

Though in my younger years (since college), I was not generally fond of white rice. My colleagues used to tease me that my main course was the dessert because whenever we had lunch in the cafeteria, my first stop was the dessert section. After eating some slice of cakes or pies, then I would head to the main course section.

If available, my preference had always been sweet desserts and pasta on my plates. A perfect meal for me!

But when I got pregnant, I returned to eating rice to keep my hunger pangs at bay. Unfortunately, it continued for years until I started to revamp my diet last March 2017.

My definition of ‘revamping my diet’ is choosing more plant based food and minimizing oily and processed food.

The first thing that went out from my usual meal was the white rice. I was aware that I ate way too much of this every dinner.

So I challenged myself. If I managed it in my younger years without rice, so I should still be able to do this, this time.

Honestly, I think the big factor that I lose 10 kilos in the first 3 months is because I eliminated white rice from my meals. My average weight before was 83 kilos. After 3 months of revamping my food intake and keeping regular ‘casual’ exercise walk (slow pace walk for 30 minutes), my weight was down between 72 to 73kg, depends on what time of the day I weighed.

Now I still do eat white rice but only occasional like once a month (sometimes not even a morsel of rice in a month) and it will be just like 2-3 tablespoon only.

Why I continue eliminating rice from my meals?

 I feel less bloated.

 My tummy significantly reduced. It is flatter now. Don’t be misled though – I don’t have a flat ‘washboard abs’ tummy at all but compared before, my tummy is less bulging now.

 I dropped my jeans size from size 16 to 14.

 I feel lighter.

Our nanny, who claimed to be my food controller , witnessed by transformation from being obese to overweight (LOL!). One day she told me, naively, that she never thought at all, never in her wildest dream, that it is possible to live without eating rice.

Please don’t follow this if you cannot cope up without rice in your meals. Perhaps I am just lucky that I am fine living without this. I think the key here is eating rice in moderation.

I am not a believer of deprivation. If skipping rice or any of your favorites makes you miserable, please by all means, eat it. Don’t deprive yourself. Savor delish food and indulge in your fave dessert but always in moderation.

Disclaimer: I am not a licensed nutritionist, health expert or health care professional. What I share here is based only on my own experience of losing weight.




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