Hello there!

Many thanks for passing by.

My name is Miles, a mom to a six year old boy whom I keep persuading every day to eat plant based food. Yayyy, big smile! 

I used to weigh 83 kilos. I guess it was even more, but I stopped weighing myself, ashamed to confirm how heavy I was.

After changing my lifestyle early this year, I am now down to 69 67.2 kilos. I am still working on losing another 10 more kilos to achieve my ideal weight.

You can click here to view my before and after photos.

As a working mom, my greatest challenge in this healthy lifestyle journey is time. 

Sneaking an hour for exercise is a big challenging task for me. My time and schedule revolves around my son and work. The rest falls in between.

You know, as working moms, whatever free time we have is better (and preferably) spent with our kids because during weekdays our time and energy is all used up at work (if you are like me who has (8am to 6pm) full-time job).

Matutum Holy Garden

This was taken last July 2017 back home during my vacation. I couldn’t find any favorable spot to do my morning exercise without being chase by street dogs . Then one day while visiting my Papa’s graveyard, I found the solution. And viola! From then on, I spent my morning walks and jogs in the quiet cemetery. (Huh! A good motivation too to workout so I don’t end up soon in the same place.)

This is the reason why this blog, www.sports-bra-is-life, is conceived. You may ask, why ‘sports bra is life’?  Well, that’s another post which I still have to write. 

I hope that this blog can be a venue where working moms (like me) can find inspiration, help and support to live a healthy lifestyle, not for vanity reasons, but for us to be better and fitter version of ourselves.

We deserve to take care of ourselves so we can be great role models to our family especially to our kids.

Note that I am not, by any means, a professional healthcare expert, nutritionist, or fitness guru.

Cheers to healthy living,



Updated: 30 Oct 2017